• The cover-up preparation

Even if you don’t always want to admit it: not all tattoos are forever. And they no longer have to be!

We at dietattooentferner.at do not want to speak out against tattoos, we rather want to help you to feel more comfortable in your tattooed body again.

That’s why we also want to offer cover-up services with the help of our partners. So that you can look in the mirror again and feel the same feeling that you had after your first tattoo. Get rid of your ex-girlfriend’s name and get a new tattoo.

As we are not tattoo artists, we warmly recommend that you seek professional advice from one of our partners. Our team only does the surgical work and helps you to make space on your body to place a new creative tattoo on it.

If you have another tattoo artist in mind, we will of course be happy to work with them.

How does Cover Up work?

Cover Up is a method where we only remove part of your tattoo and you can then have something new tattooed over it. This is particularly suitable if you want to partially change a tattoo or simply create space on your body for new tattoos.

As mentioned above, we recommend working with a tattoo artist so that we can create the best possible result together and you can wear the best possible result on your body.

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