• Information on laser tattoo removal

We have been performing tattoo removal with picosecond lasers since 2014. This made us one of the first users of this efficient and safe technology in Europe. Compared to previous lasers, we not only need fewer treatments, but also have a very low probability of scarring (which has never been the case with us). In addition, our treatment causes less pain and takes less time

If you are not sure about the condition or texture of your tattoo, please send us a photo or make an appointment for a consultation.

How does tattoo removal work?

For the treatment itself, we rely on high-end technology from Asclepion Laser Technologies. Small pulses of energy from the laser break up the individual color pigments of your tattoo, allowing them to be removed via the lymphatic system. On average, this process takes about 30 minutes. After the skin has recovered from a session, the tattoo can be treated further. This recovery phase can usually take 6-8 weeks

Is tattoo removal painful?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say, as this depends very much on your personal perception of pain. Some patients compare the pain to getting a tattoo. However, the removal intervals are slightly different, i.e. the removal does not take as long as getting a tattoo.

Does tattoo removal leave scars?

Even though every tattoo is individual and the treatments may be different, most tattoos have one thing in common: they can usually be completely removed without leaving any residue or scars.

How effective is tattoo removal with Picolaser?

Various tattoo removal methods are available. Some are less effective, such as fade creams. Others damage the skin, leading to scars and other skin irritations. This applies to dermabrasion, the CO2 laser and IPL is also not recommended for tattoo removal.

Only modern picosecond lasers guarantee a gentle and complete removal of your tattoo. We have a state-of-the-art picosecond laser of this type at our disposal. This technology allows us to apply higher energies (in the form of energy pulses) with a high degree of compatibility and safety.

Risks of tattoo removal

Most tattoo removal risks arise when patients decide to have their tattoo removed with a low-quality laser for various reasons (price, convenience, etc.). This can result in countless side effects such as scars or changes in the color of the tattoo.

However, professional treatment with a high-end laser like ours will at most result in redness and a crust, which should not be scraped off under any circumstances. Furthermore, you will always receive pre- and post-treatment with us and therefore have the opportunity to contact us at any time if you are not sure about the change in your skin at any point before, during or after the treatment.

Is removal possible for every tattoo?

In principle, we can completely remove almost any tattoo with our treatment.

However, it is unfortunately a fact that some tattoos are easier to remove than others. You can even roughly say that the darker the color, the better or faster the tattoo goes away. Well-stitched, black tattoos are therefore best and quickest to remove. Bright colors such as white, yellow or orange are the most difficult to remove. But even with green, blue or purple tattoos, more treatments should be planned than with a black tattoo.

Although most tattoos can be completely removed, we are unfortunately unable to provide 100% insurance, as there are probably individual cases that cannot be completely lasered away even with the latest technology.

For more information, we recommend that you contact us directly and send us a photo. This means we can give you individual advice and tell you more about the price and amount of treatment.

When can you remove a freshly engraved tattoo?

A freshly engraved tattoo should only be removed once the wound has completely healed. This is very individual and therefore difficult to say when this is the case for you.

In this case we also recommend that you simply send us a photo to get individual feedback on your tattoo.

Is tattoo removal possible for every skin type?

In general, it can be said that tattoos on light skin are easier to remove. However, this does not mean that tattoo removal is not possible on other skin types.

Facts about tattoo removal summarized

  • treatment method:
  • Who is it suitable for?
  • Session quantity?
  • Duration of treatment?
  • Painful?
  • Costs?
  • Picolaser – Removal
  • For all patients
  • 7-13 depending on the quality of the tattoo
  • 10-15 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo
  • Very subjective, usually comparable to the tattooing process
  • from 50€

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