Tattoo removal in Vienna

Our location in Vienna offers high-quality and professional tattoo removal in a comfortable and relaxed environment. We are located in Dornbach in Vienna’s 17th district, just 25 minutes by streetcar from the city center. It takes about 20 minutes to reach us by car. As the main location, we are proud to offer the best care from Dr. Kohrgruber and his experienced team, who have been successfully performing tattoo removal since 2008.

Our main focus is on the effective and safe removal of unwanted tattoos. With our modern picosecond laser, we can guarantee you a quick and painless removal of your tattoos. Our laser technology offers a very precise and controlled treatment that puts minimal strain on the skin and is very well tolerated. Our experienced professionals will carry out the process carefully and safely, ensuring that you are fully informed about the process, including the expected results and the necessary aftercare.

The tattoo laser

At our location in Vienna, we use the Discovery Pico Plus picosecond laser, which is one of the most modern and advanced technologies for tattoo removal. We are proud to be able to offer our customers this advanced technology, which enables us to provide fast, safe and effective tattoo removal.

One of the main advantages of the Discovery Pico Plus laser is its picosecond technology. Compared to conventional lasers, which work in nanoseconds, the picosecond laser can shatter the tattoo’s color pigments much faster and more efficiently. This means that the removal of the ink is faster and more effective, leading to a better result and faster healing.

Another advantage of the Discovery Pico Plus laser is its ability to remove different types of tattoos, including multi-colored and difficult to remove tattoos. The laser is also very precise and can be targeted to the affected area without damaging the surrounding tissue. This means that the removal of the tattoo is much gentler on the skin, resulting in faster healing and less pain.

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